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OF THIS PAGE to download the new book Christian-Bahai dialogue.

It is in the format of a flipchart and you require a printer which prints both sides (duplex printer to assemble the flipchart.


In a very simple language using the Words of the Holy Bible,

using pictures and drawings the flipchart illustrates

"the link between Christianity and the Baha'i Faith".



To help you to assemble the flipchart

we included a step by step guide which you can download below


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Christian-Baha'i Dialogue 2013 Christian-Baha'i Dialogue 2013

Date added: 11/28/2013
Date modified: 01/08/2014
Filesize: 4.18 MB
Downloads: 2549

How do I print the flipchart in seven steps.


The reason we prepared this guide is because a number of people had problems to assemble the flipchart correctly
Step 1: Download the free flipchart. Click download button at bottom left of this page
Step 2: Select A4 and landscape as printer-options.
Step 3: Use a duplex printer as it will allow you to print double sided. The drawings will be in front and text at the back of each page. Printing a flipchart is different from printing a book as the papers will be bound by spiral on long edge
Step 4: Print couple of pages to check if your duplex settings are correct.. 

Please check if drawings (odd page-numbers) are printed on front of the page) and text (even page- numbers- text is upside down!) are printed on back.
Step 5: Print the complete set of pages..
Step 6: Check if stack of papers is in correct order before binding. The sequence should be: the cover on top of stack, introduction at back of same paper, Table of Contents and page 1 on back of same paper, page 2, page at back etc until end. Make drawings are on on odd pages and the corresponding text (explanations) is above  when you flip through the pages.
Step 7: Spiral binding.   Before binding (put spiral through long edge on top) flip through the pages.to make sure everything is correct.


Feel free to contact me via my contact page (click in menu"contact/sale button") if you have any problems, suggestions, corrections or would like to translate in other languages.



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