Volumes One through to Five

Christianity Renewed was written by Marc and Helen Vloeberghs in 1984 when Marc was a senior lecturer at the University of Technology, Lae, Papua New Guinea.

These initial three books consist of the dialogue that resulted as a response to questions that his students were always asking.

They were published on request because it was so popular amongst the students, helping to explain the link between Christianity and the Baha'i Faith. The books were then sold and distributed to thousands of readers in the Pacific area.

It was Dr. Peter Khan, at the opening of the Temple in India, who encouraged the authors to make a world edition. Thus the books are now distributed worldwide by the BPT of India under the pen-name Maxwell Alexander (the names of their two sons to whom they are dedicated)

From 1992 onwards, Marc and Helen were invited to give workshops in more than 15 countries. (Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, South Africa, Zambia, England, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Fiji, Tuvalu and Tonga).

Out of the dialogue during these workshops Marc and Helen developed Christianity Renewed IV and V.

Volume IV is a flipchart or a visual guide that answers Christian questions and explains through a set of drawings the link between Christ and Baha'u'llah. On request the flipchart was translated into many languages (French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Romanian). It can be downloaded free on this website (read instructions how to assemble flipchart after downloading).

Volume V, "Sharing the message with Christians" gives easily accessible reference quotes from the Bible and the Baha'i Writings collated into topics that show the essential unity of the Word of God and assist in sharing dialogue based on this Reality. The books will be free to download until they are printed and put out for sale.

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