CR1 cover 070519 perfectTraces the development of the Christian church and illustrates the major influences which have shaped, moulded and divided it over the past 2000 years.


Pict 1 CR2 cover reduced 83 KBExplains the hidden mysteries of the Bible for which explanations have previously been unacceptable for today's enquiring minds.



CR3 Cover scanned 100519 0002Deals with proofs and prophecies concerning the signs of the coming of the Universal Christ and World Peace



Christianity Renewed Volume 4

 Volume 4 is very different from the other three volumes. It is set up as a dialogue with more than 70 illustrations and a minimum of text.  Its format of both brevity and clarity makes it very easy to read or share with other people as a flip-chart.  









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VOLUME 1: Chapter 1. Why are there so many denominations?/ Chapter 2. The birth of Christianity/ Chapter 3.Understanding the true meaning of the bible/ Chapter 4. Why are there so many religions in the world/ chapter 5. The Glad Tidings /chapter 6. The time of renewal.

VOLUME 2: 1: Jesus, the Son of God, 2:The Trinity - Drawing of Mirror & Sun, 3.: The Reality of Christ, 4: ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life..”, 5: Adam and Eve, 6: Original Sin, 7: Salvation, 8: Sacraments, 9: Miracles, 10:Heaven and Hell, 11: Devils and Angels, 12: Spiritual Meaning of the Resurrection, 12: The Ascension - not a journey into space

VOLUME 3: Chapter 1: Promise of world peace / Chapter 2: The time of the Second Coming/ Chapter 3: Christ's descent upon the clouds of heaven/ Chapter 4: Spiritual meaning of Return/ Chapter 5: Book of Revelation and 666/  Chapter 6: Distinguish between a true and false Prophet/  Chapter 7: The new name/ Chapter 8: How will we recognize the Messenger of God?/ Chapter 9: Life and sufferings of Bahá’u’lláh/ Chapter 10: God's Great Covenant/ Chapter 11:The time of the End/ Chapter 12: The Kingdom of God/

VOLUME 4:  ( There are 36 short chapters!)  1. Most important teaching of Christ is love ./ 2. Why are there so many divisions? / 3. His Divinity, His Sonship and human nature. / 4. His name is Jesus—His title is Christ/ 5. What is the foundation of Christianity? / 6. The lamp is Jesus, the light is Christ. / 7. Bahá’í Writings glorify Christ. / 8. The history of the Trinity / 9. Spiritual meaning of the Trinity/  10. Religion must be renewed from age to age/ 11. Progressive revelation in the Bible/  12. God’s Covenant through Abraham / 13. One God, many Messengers. / 14. Oneness of religion/ 15. Spiritual and social steps for mankind. / 16. The golden rule. / 17. The Bible, the Holy Book of God. / 18. Origins of Christianity. 19. Influences that shaped Christianity. / 20. The church fathers cause division. / 21. Original sin and salvation.  22. Adam and Eve. 23. What is the true meaning of baptism?  / 24. Spiritual meaning of “bread and wine”. 25. Spiritual meaning of miracles. / 26. The true meaning of salvation / 27. Satan means “obstacle”. / 28. The history of heaven and hell. / 29. Independent investigation of truth. 30. / How to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. / 31. Signs for the Return of Christ / 32. The time of the Return in 1844 / 33. The time prophesies. / 34.   Bahá’u’lláh—The Glory of God. / 35. The place of His Coming. / 36. The Mountain of God—Sign for Peace. 



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Due to their direct and simple (but profound) direct style, the “Christianity Renewed” series is ideal for teaching the large rural Christian population… It is very helpful for answering the doubts of Catholics. (Dr. Peter Khan, former member of Universal House of Justice)

Christianity Renewed’s excellent presentation explains how the original spiritual truths based on the words of Jesus Himself, under the weight of traditional authority crystallized into doctrines, until the true teachings of Jesus became clouded over by obscurantism, bigotry, narrow mindedness and prejudice.   David Hofman (former member of the Universal House of Justice)

CHRISTIANITY RENEWED MADE ME BAHA'I.....SERIOUSLY!!!! Great for people from  a Christian background. These books were the last TESTAMENT to my search.. being from a strong Protestant church background.  These books built BRIDGES FOR ME and LINKS between Christ and Baha'u'llah. 
I became drunk with happiness and love from the discovery of the TRUTH...THANK YOU BAHA'U'LLAH...Forever Thankful
  (Dr Taralina Gae'e-Atefi, Samoa)

I was a Lutheran pastor in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. I studied Theology in Germany.  I tried to revive Christianity but failed.  It was a humbling experience.  I prayed to God: “Not my will but Your Will be done” .   Initially I opposed Baha’i Faith but Christianity Renewed opened my eyes, showing a new way to reconcile science and religion.  It was difficult for me to become a Baha’i as the Lutheran church gave me salary, house and car.  But I knew the Baha’i Faith was the truth.  I left the church, became a Baha’i and returned back to my small village.  No money, no job, no prospects.   I had to start again… but his time “armed with the Power of Thy name  nothing can ever hurt me, and with Thy love in my heart all the world’s afflictions can in no wise alarm  me” (Abe Bodick, Papua New Guinea) 

"Teaching the Faith in Solomon Islands is challenging. It was only after reading “Christianity Renewed” that we saw new ways to teach about Baha’u’llah in relation to Jesus.  These books were so simple, direct and comprehensive that everyone could understand them. We have a high rate of illiteracy (87%) across the nation, so having a text that is easy for people to understand is essential (Joyce and Don Boykin, former NSA members, Solomon islands)

I was a practising Catholic when I began reading Christianity Renewed resulting in my discovery of  an awakened spirituality offered by the Baha'i Faith.  The books helped explain  Divine truth of progressive revelation, love and service to humanity encouraged in each dispensation and the reality of our own eternal selves.  Even though I felt the truth of the Baha'i Cause resonated within, I still had many questions and loyalty of the heart for my Christian traditions. Through reading the books Christianity Renewed and discussing them, all of my questions were answered and more. I was enlightened and enkindled by the deep knowledge, exploration and explanation of the relationship between the two faiths in the books. (Mary-Kait Hunter, psychologist, Australia) 

I was a dedicated Christian before I became a Baha’i.  Christianity Renewed empowered me in my own spirituality that it was not a matter of cutting my loyalty to Christianity by enlisting as a Baha'i, but actually strengthening my admiration for Christ, the validity of Christianity and the timely renewal of its sublime message for mankind - peace, love and justice. (Debrani, A.B.M. Papua New Guinea)

I like Maxwell Alexander’s Christianity Renewed as it is a series of booklets that illumines a path through the jungle of different interpretations, which have splintered the Faith of Jesus into over 50,000 different denominations and sects.  Clearly and succinctly, the author brings to light the glorious news of the promised “Return”, illustrating his discussion with verbal and pictorial imagery.  (Dr Yvonne Ingrid Woźniak , Poland)

I found the books to be a comprehensive yet a simple treatment of a very profound Theme.  The Bahá'í Perspective on the Faith of Christ. I highly recommend them to: "promote a dialogue between Baha'is and Christians". David Takagi (Hawai)

The “Christianity Renewed” series has changed our lives. It has been a blessing that we can share this simple but profound understanding of the truth with others in over 20 countries over the past 30 years. (Co- author Helen Vloeberghs, Australia)

“Christianity Renewed” presents a modern understanding of Christianity for a world coalescing into a global society in which the followers of the world’s great religions are confronted by the exclusivist claims of each religious tradition. (John Walker, Australia)

Christianity Renewed has been an indispensable guide to my deeper understanding of Catholicism and the Baha’i faith. (Dale Emerson, Lawyer, Belgium)